What Does Shuttlers Really Do? A Product Rundown

Leave all your land transportation needs to Shuttlers and enjoy a streamlined service that is comfortable, affordable, and reliable.

What Does Shuttlers Really Do? A Product Rundown
Shuttlers, the smart way to move.

Navigating the complexities of transportation can be such a daunting task. Fortunately, Shuttlers offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to simplify and streamline your commute experience. When next you’re in need of a streamlined transportation service, think Shuttlers and reference this article.
In no particular order, please find all our offerings;

Shuttlers Business

At Shuttlers, we understand the importance of ensuring your employees arrive at work safely, on time, and cost-effectively. That's why we offer Shuttlers Business, a tailored solution for businesses seeking efficient transportation options. With Shuttlers Business, companies can choose to share vehicles on a pay-per-seat basis or opt for exclusive arrangements with the pay-per-vehicle option. Currently over 100 businesses trust us with their employee transportation, and here's what the leading African integrated payments and digital commerce platform, Interswitch, had to say about our employee transport solution;  

Shuttlers Daily

We're proud to be moving over 7,000 individuals in need of hassle-free rides to and from work daily! Purchase seats on air-conditioned public shuttles that take you from the nearest bus stop to your residence and then to your destination. With Shuttlers Daily, the stress of navigating traffic and parking woes are completely obliterated. Not only do we get you to your destination on time, we also provide the platform to network and build long-lasting relationships with likeminded professionals. Busayo even found his flat mate on a Shuttlers bus! Talk about a commute with perks! Join the Shuttlers community today and experience the convenience, comfort, and camaraderie that comes with hassle-free daily rides.


Planning an event? Look no further than EventGo by Shuttlers. Whether you're hosting a conference, concert, or corporate gathering, EventGo allows you to request public or private shuttles for your attendees. Ensure they arrive safely and on time, all while minimising transportation logistics headaches. Even Grey of Grey Builds and Eat.Drink.Lagos approves.

Shuttlers Rental

Need transportation for a special occasion, road trip or business trip? Shuttlers Rental has you covered. Hire a vetted vehicle with a certified driver for any intra-city, interstate, or cross-border journey. Shuttlers rental is available in over 30 states in Nigeria, including the FCT! If you need a Sedan, Mini van, Mini bus, Coaster bus, or our VIP Shuttlers black, we've got you, even with the option to include security escorts. When you hire a vehicle from us, you're guaranteed a good time.

Shuttlers Circle

Shuttlers is more than just a transportation service – we're a community. With Shuttlers Circle, we've created a platform where commuters can connect, network, and forge lifelong connections. Join our vibrant community and experience the power of efficient commuting and meaningful connections.

Shuttlers offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your transportation needs, whether you're a business, an event organiser, or an individual commuter. With Shuttlers, you can enjoy safe, reliable, and hassle-free transportation solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Join us on the journey to stress-free commuting and vibrant community connections with Shuttlers today.

Download the Shuttlers app available on both the App store and Google Playstore today and be one step closer to commuting in the most comfortable, safe, fun, and affordable way possible. 

Shuttlers is Nigeria’s leading technology company that provides tech-enabled mass transit solutions to individuals and companies. We help transform the stressful time commuting to and from work into a productive, refreshing, and relaxing experience.

With the Shuttlers App, Professionals can book a seat on a route, pay for seats, and track the arrival of their shuttles. Our mission is to transform the mass transit experience around the world, by building a global network of vehicle-partners and connecting them to communities of shuttles.

We help people commute in the most comfortable, safe, fun, and affordable way possible. Download the Shuttlers App for IOS and Google Play to enjoy stress-free rides to and from work.