From Struggles to Stress-Free, My Journey to the Soft Life with Shuttlers

From danfo-warrior to soft-life queen. See how Uchenna enters the soft life with Shuttlers by her side.

From Struggles to Stress-Free, My Journey to the Soft Life with Shuttlers
Uchenna x Shuttlers

Meet Uchenna, a former danfo warrior, now a member of the Shuttlers' soft-life crew. Like many before her, she struggled with the daily nuances of going to and from work. The least favourite part of her day was waking up to go to the bus stop and performing her routine struggle to get a bus to work. She had even gotten the nickname, “Danfo warrior” from her colleagues at work. At some point, Uchenna was on a first-name basis with some bus drivers and conductors, it was embarrassing when one day, she got to the bus stop and Soji parked the bus and said “Omo igbo, Iyawo mi Uche, oya wole”. Of course, she was happy she didn’t have to struggle that day,  but she could have entered the ground.

A woman at a bus stop

The day Uchenna’s life transformed, she felt a shift in the air, but she couldn’t quite place it. She did her daily routine of struggling to get to work. Thankfully, there was no fish seller on the bus and she got to work a little shy of 8:55 am. “5 minutes early, wow! Today must be a good day” she thought to herself. During her lunch break, she and a couple of other people went to Madam Bussy’s shop, on the street behind their office. As they walked there, she spotted a Shuttlers bus and was handed a flier on Shuttlers. 3 words caught her attention instantly;  SAFE - STRESS-FREE - AFFORDABLE.

Uchenna's curiosity was piqued, she couldn't shake off the thought of a stress-free, safe, and affordable transportation option. The idea lingered in her mind throughout the day, overshadowing her lunchtime banter with her colleagues at Madam Bussy's shop.

That evening, as she boarded yet another crowded danfo on her way home, Uchenna couldn't help but feel a sense of longing for something better. She remembered the flier she had received and decided to look into this Shuttlers thing as soon as she got home. When she settled into bed for the night, she pulled out her phone and set to research. And boy was she impressed! “How have I been sleeping on this?!” she pondered. Straight to the app store to see if they had her route. She prayed a silent prayer as she clicked on the Discover button to check. Then she saw it, right there, she squealed like a little girl and tried to book a seat for the next day. “1 seat left” “ahh, where’s my card let me pay for this thing fast” she said. After booking, Uchenna slept like a baby that night.

She got to the bus stop at 5:33 am, and her bus parked at her bus stop at 5:40 am. “Wow! They didn’t lie when they said seamless, let’s see about the comfortable part”, she thought to herself. Uchenna scanned the barcode on the bus to check in and got in. She was greeted by friendly smiles and the journey to pick up the other 3 passengers started. “I need to carry that my thick scarf tomorrow because this ac is acing” she thought with a smile. At 7:50 am, the bus pulled up at the bus stop close to her office, she got off and took the 4-minute walk there. On getting to work, she saw the HR manager drive in, “ahn ahn, Uchenna, is everything okay? Did you sleep at home? Where’s the grumpy face, why are your hands cold, talk to me, why are you smiling weirdly?” she asked all at once. With a knowing smile, Uchenna said “Mama HR, my story has changed o. You can call it grass to grace! I’ll gist you about it during lunch. Just know that I’m winning the most punctual award next month since this month has ended.”

And just like that, Uchenna entered the soft-life crew, experiencing a stress-free way to get to and from work. What was once a daily struggle became a seamless and comfortable experience thanks to Shuttlers' commitment to providing comfortable transportation solutions.

Looking ahead, Uchenna acknowledged that with Shuttlers by her side, she'll always have a reliable and comfortable way to get around Lagos – no matter where life takes her.

Are you ready to join the soft-life crew? Click on the image below! We can’t wait to have you.