Shuttlers' First-Time User Guide to Convenience

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Shuttlers' First-Time User Guide to Convenience
First-time Guide
Shuttlers' positive review 
Shuttlers' positive review 

So you’ve heard all the fantastic things about Shuttlers, you’ve seen the reviews, your faves have told you it’s time to enter your soft-girl/boy era, and you’ve finally seen the light! Then as a sharp guy, you hurry to your app store and download the app because you want to enter the next stage of being a first-time user.  Of course, you know you have to sign up and register your account for your first booking.

Download Shuttlers App

Now that you’re done, let’s get you ready to be a first-timer on Shuttlers.

Step 1

Click on the “Book” button or “Where would you like to go

Book now

Step 2

Enter the closest bus stop to your pick-up location and the closest bus stop to your destination. Select if it’s a one-way or return trip.

Enter all the details for your first trip

Step 3

Enter your departure date, and subscribe for more than one day if you like.

Step 4

On the next screen after clicking “Find tickets and prices”, select your preferred trip option. Confirm your choices and select your preferred payment method. Make payment and your booking is complete.

Select the preferred payment method for your first trip

After this, you would have moved from being a first-timer to officially being a member of the coolest mobility crew! Welcome onboard, Fave!

If for the first time, you'd like to hire a vehicle, you can find all you need here.

Tips for a Smooth Ride

  1. Plan your first trip. This ensures your seat is reserved, and our subscription feature is the perfect tool to plan trips. You can subscribe for several days, weeks, or even an entire month. Explore the many benefits of planning your journey.
  2. Play games. Studies show playing games is an effective strategy for reducing stress. The less stress you feel, the more optimally you can perform.
  3. Refer your friends. Imagine riding with your own faves to and from work every day! Must be really nice!
  4. Be at your pick-up location in time. Our pilots have a maximum of 2 minutes to wait at each pick-up bus stop to avoid delaying other riders and impacting arrival time.
The coolest mobility experience awaits you when you make the switch. Enjoy the convenience of tracking your shuttle in real time from the moment your trip starts. Plus, our dedicated Customer Experience team is always ready to provide immediate support whenever you need it, ensuring that every ride with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Shuttlers is  Nigeria's leading technology company, powering mass transit solutions. We provide safe, reliable, and affordable transportation solutions to Nigerians, focusing on transforming the long-standing stressful and inefficient transportation narrative into a productive, stress-free experience for individuals, professionals, and companies who want to move with purpose and comfortably.

Our mission is to transform the mass transit experience around the world, by building a global network of vehicle-partners and connecting them to communities of shuttlers.

Download the Shuttlers app via Playstore or App Store.