Shuttlers Digest: Fatima and the Office Promotion

See how Fatima with Shuttlers by her side, secured her promotion at the office.

Shuttlers Digest: Fatima and the Office Promotion

Today's story is about Fatima. She got her dream job in her dream city and has slowly climbed up the ladder. But she has eyes for one role, and one role alone - VP Marketing. She finally got so close to the long-awaited promotion in her 4 years at the company. But one thing disqualified her, Fatima had never clocked into the office before 9 am.

As a new quarter began, so was Fatima's chance to get that promotion. Armed with plans to look for apartments around her office, Fatima used all of her Christmas and New Year break to search. Unfortunately, she didn't find anyone suitable for her. She was already on the verge of giving up when she saw the Shuttlers billboard at her bus stop on her way back home one Sunday afternoon. "How did I miss this?", she thought to herself. Fatima immediately jumped on the internet, and in no time she downloaded the app, registered, and screamed for joy when she saw her route was on the app.

Fatima funded her wallet and booked her seat for a week. She thought to herself "Let's see what 1 week with them looks like first." Fatima's trip started at 6:30 am, but she was at the 4th pickup location. She started to track her shuttle, and when her bus was 15 minutes away she headed to her bus stop. She got to the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus got there, and as soon as the bus pulled up she scanned the barcode and checked in. Fatima is impressed by the comfort of the bus and by the seamless experience she's had so far. She gets to the office at 8:10 am and signs in.

She made it to work 50 minutes before resumption time! She was astonished! She had enough time to finish some work and prepare for her pitch. Her colleagues came and were surprised to see her already at her seat. Fatima had made a new impression and had to stick by it. She immediately went back on the Shuttlers app to book for the remaining days of the month. Once it was time for her ride home, she went to the bus stop and finished some work during her ride. She got home and relaxed, ready for the next day. This promotion was coming more into her reach she thought.

By the end of the quarter, Fatima's boss already took notice of her early appearances. And by Q4, Fatima was ready for the long overdue office promotion. Here's what her speech looked like;

I would have said, "guess what's responsible for this early morning glow-up?" But you already know it's Shuttlers! I used to be the queen of "fashionably late," but not anymore. I am truly dedicating this award to them. They gave me the one thing I needed to get this promotion. So cheers to our bosses, cheers to you all, and cheers to Shuttlers!

Of course, Fatima turned to a preacher of the affordable, comfortable, and reliable shuttle service Shuttlers provides, and she converted the entire organisation by introducing them to Shuttlers Business.